Our Greatest Need And Most Precious Gift

Two of my mentors are considered experts on the subject of forgiveness. I have read many of their articles… One of them has a prepared video of movie clips that portray relationships where there is a break-through in that hardness of the heart….movies where that wall erected by one person comes tumbling down…. that wall designed to protect against more pain or hide the anger and hurt created by the other’s transgression. Most of us can be moved to tears when we see humility grow and the pain subside as forgiveness leads two people to a reconciled relationship….becoming more accepting of each other’s humanity…. They may be called “girl movies,” but even a tough guy will be touched by the miracle of forgiveness. I do not use the word miracle lightly….for oftentimes forgiveness is possible for someone only with the help and the power of the indwelling Spirit of God Almighty. He will not invade our will, our bitterness, but if He is called upon or invited….He can help with the miracle of forgiveness.

Too often I have held on to the pain of a transgression, sometimes wanting to turn the other way and run, other times wanting to retaliate. There is a storm inside my soul, replete with sadness, disappointment, humiliation or a myriad of emotions. I think I have done many difficult things, but surely one of the most growth producing challenges in my life has to do with overcoming these feelings, stepping through these feelings to get to the other side…to forgive one who hurt me.

When, I get in line with Christ, and what He did for us, for me, when I think about the injustices that He endured during His time on this earth, then I begin to understand…. and I develop a desire to forgive. What an inspiration it is to know that He was asking God to forgive those who were crucifying Him…they did not seek the truth, they did not know the pure goodness of His heart. 

After a while, I am either walking on top of the water with Christ,or He gives me a solid foundation on which I can again begin to live. Ironically, as the years go by, I find myself more easily turning to Christ when I am hurt, and He is there. He is that friend that encourages me to feel that pain… for it is real, and then He asks me to give it all to Him, for He wants to share my burdens, and then take them as His own. I find myself turning to my friend, and more easily letting go of the pain, more able to forgive with His abiding love, and realizing the forgiveness I need for my own transgressions.

Forgiveness…our greatest need….our most powerful gift Colossians 3:13