About Me


My Philosophy

Each individual is unique and comes as an expert on their life experiences, seeking a safe place to develop new skills, adjust to circumstances or work on a problem in living or relating to others.  I have tremendous respect for anyone choosing to enter into this endeavor and I start by getting to know the person, gathering a complete history and learning of the client’s own efforts to address their problem.

Because each person is unique, my therapy approach can be best described as eclectic (I don’t use the same strategy or technique with every client).  There are many perspectives of how to address problems (see section titled Therapy Approaches), for surely one style does not work for everybody!  I tend to use evidenced based therapy “techniques” to address symptoms and often assign homework of various kinds (journaling, reading, practicing new responses). Clients are encouraged to offer opinions and feedback about their treatment and my recommendations. I realize my approach and style is not a good fit for everyone, and it is good if a client and I can determine the “goodness of fit” quickly.

I am a person of HOPE.   Through 30 (+) years of professional practice, I TRUST that there is a larger plan at work in the universe.  I see people who have a desire and an ability to overcome hardships enter into a safe and encouraging environment.  WE uncover the seeds of resilience and shine light on dark circumstances to create growth in wisdom, relational skills, humility, confidence, goodness, forgiveness and personal growth.  

My faith has informed me and sustained me over these many years of working with people of all walks of life.  Some clients prefer evidenced-based therapies without spiritual overtones or references.  While it is completely up to the discretion of the client, I am comfortable discussing various religious and spiritual orientations that may impact their approach to life.

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Services Provided

Individual Psychotherapy
Family Therapy
Marriage Counseling
Relationship Counseling
Pre-Marital Counseling
Bereavement Counseling
Pain (Acute/Chronic) Management
Psychological Assessment
Professional Advancement Coaching
Lifestyle Coaching
Parenting Coaching
Christian Counseling
Business Consultation (Personnel improvement/selection)
Seminars on Stress Management/Parenting/Communication
Retreat Planning

Therapy Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Imago Therapy
Brief Solution-Focused Dynamic Therapy
Emotion Focused Couples Therapy
Emotion Regulation Therapy
Family Systems Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Systems Theory /Therapy
Eclectic Therapy
Relaxation Training
Contextual therapy (involving larger support system)
Walking ‘n’ Talking

Professional Experience With Various Issues

Addictions & Compulsions
Adjustment to Chronic or LIfe Threatening Health Concerns
Adjustment to Transitions across the Lifespan
Anger Management
Anxiety & Fear
Attachment Disorders
Childhood & Adolescence School Difficulties
Communication Skills
Depression & Mood Disorders
Family Problems
Occupational & Academic Concerns
Post-Partum Adjustment
Relationship Difficulties
Self-Esteem & Confidence
Social Skills Enhancement
Stress Management
Blended Family Issues
Pre-marital Counseling
Family Enhancement/Improvement
Family System Communication
Character building
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Clinical Experience

I have been working in the field of mental health since 1982.  I count myself fortunate to have education and training from experts in health and rehabilitation psychology, mental health and medicine, and several spiritual mentors.  

The foundation of my integrative approach to counseling began at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.  My primary position was in Behavioral Pediatrics with children and adolescents presenting with behavior problems or chronic and life-threatening health conditions.  I also worked with adults recovering from life-changing injuries or illnesses at the O’Donahue Rehabilitation Center.  In these settings I received excellent supervision (and additional training) from experts across multiple healthcare disciplines (including medicine, neuropsychology, family medicine, oncology, pediatric behavioral psychology, psychiatry physiatry, and physical and occupational therapies).

While studying for my Ph.D. at the University of Kansas, the faculty awarded me the David Schulman Award for Excellence in Clinical Psychology.  For a year I managed the student clinic and triaged clients to student therapists. I was selected to join an outreach medical team (Special Child Clinics) from the University of Kansas Medical Center.  This team of specialists flew to remote communities in the state of Kansas to provide treatment recommendations for children identified by educators and physicians to have special needs.  

During my internship and post-doctoral fellowship I worked in diverse settings (KU Medical Center, Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center/Domiciliary, and the University of Missouri Dental School).  I was a part of a multi-disciplinary team in pediatric oncology, and provided recommendations to family in the behavioral pediatrics outpatient clinics.  It was an honor and privilege to provide services to soldiers returning from Operation Desert Storm, and work with veterans and their families in the mental health clinic. At the dental school I taught relaxation and biofeedback to individuals dealing with migraine and tension headaches and TMJ pain.

After earning my Ph.D., I have worked in several settings including a major medical center, and a non-profit faith based mental health practice and a major university.   I have become a referral source for several pastors in the Kansas City area due to my willingness to include a client’s faith preference in counseling.  Medical professionals across several disciplines refer patients for counseling to address chronic health conditions, stress-related illnesses, compliance with medical treatment, family functioning with chronic health or end of life issues and chronic pain management. I have provided pre-doctoral supervision and post-doctoral supervision to students in the field of psychology.

I have special interest in working with blended families, grief/end-of-life circumstances, and trans-generational family issues to promote healthy reconciliation, boundaries and most of all, a full and vital life.

Academic Background

Bachelors Degree:
University of Central Oklahoma
Emphasis: Psychology

Masters Degree:
University of Central Oklahoma
Emphasis: Counseling Psychology

Masters Degree:
University of Kansas
Emphasis: Clinical Psychology

University of Kansas
Emphasis: Clinical Psychology
Sub-specialty in Health and Rehabilitation

Clinical Internship
Eisenhower VAMC

University of Kansas Medical Center
Emphasis: Health & Rehabilitation