This website is designed to help you get acquainted with me and the services I provide. Please click "Learn More About Me” above to read about my academic background, professional training, therapeutic approaches and other helpful information.

My office is located in Olathe, Kansas. Most appointments are 50 minutes, however the first appointment tends to be longer to learn about the client’s presenting issues, describe the counseling process and to determine if I am a “good fit.” Clients are seeking help for personal difficulties or relationship dynamics, while others are wanting to develop interpersonal skills, healthy lifestyle “habits,” or career goals. Psychotherapy or personal coaching begins with office appointments and may transition to telephone appointments if appropriate.

I am able to provide off-site appointments when appropriate and clinically necessary (when addressing terminal illness, behavior problems with children, or severe social anxiety). A significant portion of my practice has involved young adults transitioning from home to college, and in these cases telephone appointments or SKYPE appointments can be helpful.


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